The engagement party had been a strange blur of introductions, small talk and the repeated questions of ‘Have you set a date?’ and ‘Do you have your dress?’ Aimee hadn’t known the answers to any of the questions directed at her, since the wedding appeared to be entirely under her parents’ control, so she’d simply said they were keeping things a secret until her and Deaglan finished school. Of course all of this had come after Deaglan had kissed her in the middle of the room. 

Aimee wasn’t entirely sure how it had come about, or what it had meant. One thing was certain, it had disrupted her parents’ plans for a nice dramatic speech. Aimee and Deaglan gave their engagement away pretty spectacularly by themselves. However, now Aimee was left confused. Deaglan hadn’t made any sort of move towards her in that way since the day in the library. She’d only just come to accept that he hadn’t enjoyed that kiss as much as she did, then this happened. 

She’d tried to sleep after the party, since her body ached and clearly needed rest. However her head wouldn’t quieten; there were too many unanswered questions. Putting on her dressing gown and some slippers, Aimee left her room quietly and walked down the hall until she found the guest room Deaglan was staying in. She knocked quietly before opening the door. “Deag? Are you awake?” She murmured into the dark room.

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Four for you, Tumblr. 

Four for you, Tumblr. 

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He sat up and couldn’t believe how things had gone from calm to passionate to awkward in the space of five minutes. Deaglan ran a hand through his hair, not improving the mop of mess that it already was. He couldn’t help noticing as a certain guy walked into the library. A certain ex of Aimee’s. Gideon didn’t seem to notice them, or if he had, he was ignoring. “I should go.” The words had barely even left him before he was up and halfway out the library, not wanting to see Aimee looking at Gideon in sort of sad and wanting manner. It simply wasn’t something he wanted to see.

Aimee frowned a little in confusion as Deaglan all but disappeared. Why had he run off so quickly? Had the kiss been bad? Aware of her still quickened pulse, Aimee didn’t think the kiss had been bad in the slightest. She’d have repeated it given the chance. So what had chased Deaglan away? Picking up her bag and putting it over the shoulder, she noticed Gideon sitting down at a table and gave him a small smile out of habit. Oddly, the sense of butterflies she normally got when he returned the smile.. wasn’t there. As the left the library, her thoughts were not on Gideon but on Deaglan instead.


Deaglan broke away from her, leaning his forehead against hers, biting his lip in thought. It was difficult to sort through his thoughts with Aimee pressed up against him. “We some um.. We should probably move of t’e floor..” he mumbled.

"Probably.. It might look a bit weird if someone came over here.." She murmured back, blushing. This wasn’t like her in the slightest; she’d certainly never been so.. Forward, with Gideon. Then again, there were a lot of different between Gideon and Deaglan that she’d no doubt sit in bed and mull over while trying to sleep later. Pushing herself up with her hands, Aimee continued to blush as she brushed invisible dust off of her school uniform and smoothed her hair. 

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