So BOO it's your turn. UGH what can I say about Aimee? Well,your depiction of her I feel is absolutely perfect - the whole ED isn't the only matter you tackle with her, there's also the arranged marriage, relationships, family issues UGH so much is tackled and it's written astoundingly and I never expect Aimee's reactions - I MEAN ROSIE HAS BEEN TRYING FOR AGES TO GET AIMEE TO ADMIT AND AYLA JUST WALKS RIGHT IN THERE but yeah no, it's brilliant. Can't wait for the plotting to all come outtt :3

Ugh I love you. 

Thank you c: 

(Also, Rosie knows Aimee too well and she’s afraid of judgement, which is why she told Alya who barely knows her mhm.)

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  1. alyasun said: Plus you know.. Alya is an attacker..
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